Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Snakes poem

Hey, bloggers. I am learning to write poem about animals.
My favorite part was getting the title up. 
I hope you enjoy my poem.
Hope you all have a nice holiday!



  1. Hi it is Angus I like how you put I in a capital but maybe next time you should put wiy you did it blog you latter!!!

  2. Hey Dion Shikarn here I like you poem I think it is very cool.

  3. Hey Dion!
    I love your poem its cool
    Did you think about saying Bye?
    Next time tell what you are doing??

  4. Hey Dion its Skyla

    This is a good poem. Was it hard making word up about this poem???

    Are you happy of this???

    I think that this is very good Dion. This is nice work keep up the good work BYE

    Blog ya later


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