Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Snakes poem

Hey, bloggers. I am learning to write poem about animals.
My favorite part was getting the title up. 
I hope you enjoy my poem.
Hope you all have a nice holiday!



  1. Hi it is Angus I like how you put I in a capital but maybe next time you should put wiy you did it blog you latter!!!

  2. Hey Dion Shikarn here I like you poem I think it is very cool.

  3. Hey Dion!
    I love your poem its cool
    Did you think about saying Bye?
    Next time tell what you are doing??

  4. Hey Dion its Skyla

    This is a good poem. Was it hard making word up about this poem???

    Are you happy of this???

    I think that this is very good Dion. This is nice work keep up the good work BYE

    Blog ya later

  5. hello there Dion me awesome Sophie here
    I gast whet to say nice work Keep this up
    but.made nexted time you can say bye at the end de case we de not now when you were going to stop your snake nexted time can you say how prade you are off your work in the scren casted fie..
    this is the end bye me Sophie,see you soon...

  6. hey Dion me Sophie here maybe you can go somewhere else and do it again please we can not hear you we can hear everyone else the end from Sophie

  7. Heya Dion
    Chloe here
    Nice work on your poems keep up the slippy an slidey awesome work.
    My favorite part was the biting fighting lighting snakes.
    What was your favorite line you wrote?
    Thats all for now bye for now

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